Tailbones and chicken wings

The Monday after fall semester ended, I was on a flight to Denver, Colorado. I’ve never been to the mountains out west, and I FINALLY was going to snowboard at the places I dreamed about- Breckenridge, A-Basin- you get the picture.

Colorado is the most amazing place I’ve been in the United States. Let me say that again. Colorado is the most ahhmazing place I’ve been in the United States.

Stunning views and mountains everywhere you look is pretty hard to beat, to me anyways. As an action sports enthusiast, I was home.


There is a good reason why I tell this anecdote. (I promise it’s not to make you hate where you live!).

On the second to last run of the entire trip, I went off a jump, going fast. As I was taking off from the jump, I thought to myself, “You’re going pretty fast, which you probably shouldn’t be.” Needless to say, I psyched myself out and landed straight on my butt.

For those with wonderful behinds, this may not have as great of an impact to you. But, for me, my small booty did not take it too well. What I should say instead is my tailbone didn’t take it so well.

The next day was terrible sitting on a 2 plus hour plane ride back to the good old Akron area. And, a month later, it’s still not healed.

Anyone who knows me understands that I don’t like sitting still. I love to be active and moving any time I’m able, which I try to make that ALWAYS! (Energetic Fitness, people, Energetic Fitness.)

I haven’t been able to work out much at all and it’s been a nightmare. Totally horrible. I don’t know how I’m still alive.

What has kept me alive are some minor workouts dealing with upper body movements to prevent me from bothering my tailbone. If only there were a way to prevent from sitting.

I thought I’d share with you the workout I did the other day. It’s easy, quick, and can be done anywhere! How’s that sound!?

What I did was 21-15-9 of push-ups and bench dips.


To break that down, I did 21 push-ups and when I finished those 21 push-ups I did 21 bench dips. Then I did 15 push-ups and 15 bench dips…you get the picture.

You cannot move to the bench dips until you’ve finished all of your push-ups. Why? Because that’s how this workout works!

Here’s some tips for this workout:

  •  Try to spend as little time resting as you can. You want this to be a short intense workout!
  •  Make sure to have full range of motion on the push-ups. Full range of motion entails arms fully extended and locked at the top position and the chest touches the ground at the bottom position. DO NOT cheat yourself by cutting this movement short. That won’t help you get better!
  • Also, make sure the elbows stay tight to the body while doing push-ups. That’s the way it’s supposed to be done!
  •  If you can’t do that many push-ups, you can do a couple of things. One, do push-ups from your knees, or two, cut back the reps! You can easily do 16, 12, 6 or any other combination!
  •  On the bench dips, the further out you extend your legs the better- it makes it harder. However, do only what you’re capable of doing! If you need to keep your legs closer in, that’s fine! The workouts I’ll be giving are all about scaling and adapting to your skill levels. There is NO shame in that.
  •  Also on the bench dips, try to keep your elbows in toward your body. You don’t want them hanging out like chicken wings. It’s not proper technique!


I’ll be providing more workout ideas down the road. If you’re interested in certain areas, let me know so I can provide workouts you’re most interested in!

I can’t wait until this tailbone of mine is healed so I can really get into working out. I have some goals this year and I’m ready to get after it!

Have fun with the workout, and…

Let’s get energized!!


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