Intermittent Fasting

I’ve always heard, as I’m sure you have, that breakfast should not be missed. It’s “the most important meal of the day” they say. Well, they’re also saying differently now.

Enter in intermittent fasting (IF- the health field really likes their acronyms). Intermittent fasting is going for extended periods of time without eating (12 hours, 16 hours, 24 hours). When you do eat, you eat within a window of time, usually between 6-8 hours.

You might be thinking this is starving yourself because that’s what I thought. However, it’s something we’re all quite used to. If you are done eating by 8 pm and don’t eat again until 8 am, you’ve done intermittent fasting.

There’s many benefits that come from IF as well. Some benefits include:

  • improved insulin control (blood sugar)
  • fat burning
  • reduced blood pressure

I’m truly intrigued by IF, but I definitely need to learn more about it. Dr. Berardi’s results are incredible and quite enticing, but I recommend, for you and myself included, to read, read, read up on IF. See if it’s safe and okay to do. Ask your doctor even. I am by no means recommending anyone to take on intermittent fasting. I am simply educating on things relating to health and fitness and that entails talking about anything, especially trends.

Check out Dr. Berardi’s website to learn more about IF.

Now, let’s get ENERGIZED!!!!


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