Intermittent Fasting take 2

I wanted to write about IF again because it is such an in-depth topic, and because I have some more points I’d like to cover:

  1. eating enough while fasting
  2. gaining muscle while fasting
  3. Beginner’s guide to IF

Eating enough while fasting

I did mention that intermittent fasting is not about starving yourself. Starving yourself is not healthy, period. What I want to add here is that you need to make sure you’re getting your daily recommended calories even though you’re fasting.

To do this you need to make the meals you do eat big enough to make up for the meal you’re missing. However, it’s also vital that you’re not overeating when you are consuming calories in your feeding window.

Gaining muscle while fasting

I’m a tiny person. I am the girl in the gym that everyone says “you’re so little”, “you need to eat more”, etc. For the record, I weigh more than most perceive and I also eat a ton.

The reason I say this is because I’m not looking at IF to lose fat specifically. I want to gain muscle, and in order to see those muscles, I want to lose fat. Both are possible with IF.

What I’ve found is that our body’s natural instinct is not to break down muscle. Our body wants to grow, not deplete. Our bodies also need glucose, or blood sugar. When our bodies do not have enough glucose, they begin to break down muscle. However, our bodies store glucose in the liver and in body fat, so when it’s not getting glucose from food (because we’re fasting) it turns to the reserves.

I could keep going on this, but I think Michael Matthews does a better job of that.


Beginner’s Guide to intermittent fasting

My last point is easy. For those, like me, who are new to intermittent fasting, look at James Clear’s Beginner’s Guide to Intermittent Fasting. It offers some great charts to help you decide how to fast your meals. Also check out his FAQ’s on intermittent fasting.

I lied. I have another point. Intermittent fasting is not a diet, but more a pattern of eating. Even Wikipedia has that correct.

Let’s get energized! 😀


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