Coconut flour

I was craving pancakes this past weekend. My only problem was that I wanted healthy… pancakes. Crazy, I know. Especially when I could have ate these lovely stacks a week ago (but I hate chocolate)!

made by a chef at the University of Akron

Made by a chef from Rob’s Cafe at The University of Akron

But, my craving for pancakes led my brain to inquire about the different types of flour possibilities to make those “healthy” pancakes. Of course I had absolutely none of them. (Typical, right?). Then I remembered I had coconut flour in my refrigerator…from a year ago…used once.

Now, before you judge me, let me explain myself. I was wanting to learn how to use coconut flour so I bought some. I made one recipe and then that was that!  Ha, so much for explaining myself…

I’ve talked about coconut oil and even pointed to a video about the many uses for coconut oil. So I knew I had to look into coconut flour.


  • Lots of fiber! 5 grams per 2 tablespoons to be exact*
  • Less fat than nut flours**

*based on Bob’s Red Mill coconut flour
**I do not want this to come across that fats are bad. They’re not. They’re part of our daily macros.

Draw backs:

  • Not that much protein; 2 grams per serving.*
  • Tricky to substitute

*based on Bob’s Red Mill coconut flour

Quick tips on using coconut flour:

photo credit:

photo credit:

I’m going to try a recipe this weekend, and I will post on Sunday how it went. I can just predict your excitement and enthusiasm already- calm down! But I want to know, have you used coconut flour? If so, how did it turn out? What did you make? Tell me! 🙂

Also, I found these interesting and insightful pages on gluten-free flours. You should check them out!

Let’s get coconutty and get energized!


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