Coconut Pancakes

Last time I said I would try a coconut flour recipe and share how I did. Surprisingly, I’d say I did all right! đŸ™‚

Since I was craving pancakes, this world wouldn’t be right if I didn’t make pancakes. So, to keep this world in proper balance, I made coconut pancakes. You’re welcome.

I found a recipe for coconut pancakes on the every famous and popular Nom Nom Paleo. My main reason using this recipe was its simplicity. Only 4 ingredients? SOLD!


  • 3 eggs
  • 2 tablespoons coconut flour (yes, that’s plenty!)
  • Kosher salt
  • 1 tablespoon butter


It can’t get more simple than that!

Step 1: Measure out the flour, add the eggs and beat!


Step 2: Add salt

Step 3: Melt tablespoon butter in pan


I cooked my first pancake in butter, and my second pancake in coconut oil. There was a difference in taste. I’ll explain later.
Step 4: Pour in half the batter. Cook 2 minutes, then flip and cook for 1 minute


The batter looks clumpy, see!^


But they turned out fine, promise.

Step 5: Enjoy!


This recipe makes 2 medium sized pancakes.

I suggest experimenting with different toppings for your pancakes. I had strawberries, obviously, and then I played with peanut butter and honey. Yummy.

The verdict

The pancakes turned out just fine, but I wasn’t completely impressed with the taste. They tasted bland and were a little dry.

The first pancake I made in butter tasted  like eggs and had more flavor. My second pancake was bland and dry. I suggest using butter, but play around and have fun.

Since I bought some coconut flour, I’m going to be making some more recipes. I don’t want this one to go to waste.

I’m not crafty or inventive enough to make my own recipes. Just to reiterate, this recipe was from Nom Nom Paleo. If you have any coconut flour recipes, please send them my way. I would love to try them!

Give this recipe a try and tell me what you think. I’m curious to know what other people think. Have fun!

Let’s go get energized!!!


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