Cutting out processed food

The truth

I know I don’t need to tell you how bad processed foods are for your health.

But, I’m sure there are many of you who have no idea what goes on behind the making of processed food. I didn’t until I did some reading while on vacation.

The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food by Michael Moss blew my mind. Literally. This article goes in-depth about food manufacturers and how they create food to, in essence, get more sales.

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It’s not about providing quality food; It’s about creating the perfect chip (or food product) with the perfect crunch, break point, and taste.

We’ve always known we should eat healthy, but this article will make you rethink everything you’ve known about the food you were putting into your mouth. I’ve stayed away from processed food for awhile now (not 100% but definitely close). After reading this article, I’m even more determined to stay away.

How to act

I understand how difficult it can be with crazy, hectic schedules to stay away from processed food. That’s part of the reason why it’s such a huge problem in the U.S.

Here’s some advice I can give you:

  1. Start eliminating processed food slowly, don’t go cold turkey. This will prevent withdrawal symptoms and will prevent failure.
  2. Eat foods with one ingredient- apple, carrots, eggs, etc. These are the natural foods, what’s best for your body.
  3. Have one meal no matter what that you’ll cook and prepare daily.
  4. Prepare your food in advance. One of my favorite bloggers from My Healthy Dish states, “Fail to plan, plan to fail.” If you have everything prepped, you’ll be less tempted to eat processed foods.
  5. If you do fail, get over it and move on. There’s no sense in dwelling on mistakes. Figure out what the problem was, how to address it, and then forget about it!
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The best diet

The best diet isn’t a diet. It’s eating natural, whole foods. I’m not saying to cut out everything that isn’t natural. It’s perfectly okay to have frozen yogurt (we all have something) or a chewy bar every now and then.

The point is to start living a healthy lifestyle, not “dieting.” Trust me when I say you’ll feel the best you’ve ever felt when you start cutting out processed food. You’ll have more energy, better health, and a happier you.

Now, let’s get energized! 🙂


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