The jogging myth

They’re everywhere!

You see them everywhere: in the gym, on the streets, and on the beach. You even see them out in the snow. No, this isn’t the mailman I’m talking about. I’m talking about joggers.


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I would know this because I was one of them. I would run all the time. ALL the time. Even after I started doing CrossFit I was still running. However, last summer I stopped running to focus on my strength. Why? Because of the jogging myth.

Jogging Myth

It all started back in 1968 when Dr. Kenneth Cooper published the book Aerobics. From then on, people were hooked on aerobics (running, swimming, biking, etc.).

This leads us to the jogging myth.

The premise behind the jogging myth is that running is the best way to burn calories and burn fat. I’m sure we’ve all heard this before. I’m here to tell you that it’s not true! GASP!  You may think I’m crazy, but it’s the flat out truth.


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Before I get into the heat of this, let me state something. Depending on what you’re after, jogging may not be bad. If you want strength, power, speed, and muscle mass, jogging is NOT for you. And here’s why….

Aerobic vs. Anaerobic exercise

Aerobic exercise increases cardiovascular health and can decrease body fat. However, studies show that anaerobic exercise is better for both.

The benefits of anaerobic exercise:

The takeaway…

As I stated, if you enjoy running and just want something to help keep you healthy, there’s nothing wrong with that. I was that way at one point. Now I want to focus on my strength, power, speed, and muscle mass.

Do I still run? Yes, but I do more sprint work than long distance running.

Many people over look the benefits and power of anaerobic workouts because they think they’re not “burning enough calories.” I want people to see how wrong that is and to see the benefits of anaerobic workouts.


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I also don’t want people to think that aerobic exercise is bad. IT’S NOT!  Aerobic exercise is important to overall health. My goal from this post was to get you to reflect on what you want for your body, and then adapt your workout routine accordingly.

I may be posting an anaerobic workout later in the week….stay tuned!

In the meantime, let’s get energized!!!


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