Do you even squat, bro?


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Let’s discuss squats.

You may or may not know that squatting is one of the best things you can do for your body.

4 reasons why you should squat:

  1. it helps burn more fat
  2. it promotes muscle growth across the whole body
  3. it is a functional movement
  4. and ladies, you’ll get a bigger booty

And who doesn’t want a bigger booty. Okay, maybe a Kardashian…but who cares about them.

Your turn

Here’s a squat based workout for you:

  1. 15 dumbbell squats (hold dumbbells on your shoulders and choose an appropriate weight for your skill level)
  2. 20 lunges
  3. 25 air squats (your hips need to be below the top of your knee)

Do this for four rounds.

Your buns will be sore the next day!

Let’s get squatting and get energized!!!




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