How much sugar are you eating?

Sweet food
Sugar, sugar everywhere.  It’s in EVERYTHING. Even in the so called “protein bars.”

Added sugar is horrible for your health. I’m grateful that the new food labels will include added sugars- I think it’s a huge improvement. It will be a great step to helping people realize what they’re eating because, let’s face the facts, most people have no clue.

In fact, do you know how much sugar you consume daily?  I’m not going to act like I do because I’ll be honest I don’t. I did, however, make it a point to limit the sugar in the foods I was eating a few years ago. But, that still doesn’t mean I know how much sugar I’m actually digesting.

The sugary truth

The average American eats 22 teaspoons of sugar in one day.



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It’s safe to say that no one would go and eat 22 teaspoons of sugar on their own, so why do we eat that much in our food? Because we don’t know it’s there.

On most food packages, you see how many grams of sugar are in the product, but it’s hard to visualize and understand how much that actually is. So, to help you, here it is…the conversion of sugar from grams to teaspoons:

  • 1 teaspoon of sugar= 4 grams (1)

sugar cube

So, for example, when you see a protein bar that has 12 grams of sugar, that means you’re eating the equivalent of 3 teaspoons. I’m not sure about you, but that will make me rethink what I’m about to put into my mouth.

Check out the The American Heart Association for great advice to cut out added sugars.

Take a stand for your own health. Try to cut out added sugars. And, in the meantime…


Let’s get energized!




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