Different types of oats


Which oat is which?

You may have noticed, while walking down the aisles at your grocery store or perusing through different recipes, that there are different types of oats. Rolled oats, instant oats, steal cut oats, oats, oats, oats, oats…

If you’re anything like me, you wondered, “what’s the difference?” The answer: it deals with processing. Yupp. Oats are processed! (Let the gasps begin.)

Oats are processed. Did you know that? I didn’t think of it. However, I think the majority of us think that processed refers to  chemicals and artificial additives in our food. This is true, but the definition of processed is actually broader than we think.

Processed refers to any change in the food before we eat it. I think I’ll leave it at that because that can be saved for another post. Let’s get back to oats…

Which oat is best?

The more processed the oat, the less the nutritional value.

According to Oats: A Case Study, here is the least processed oat to the most processed:

  1. oat groats
  2. steel cut oats
  3. scottish oatmeal
  4. oat bran
  5. old fashioned oats
  6. quick oats
  7. instant oatmeal
  8. oat flour


photo credit: http://www.eatingrules.com/2012/10/types-of-oatmeal/

Just because oats are processed does not make them bad for you. In fact, they’re very good for you, and offer many health benefits. Be cognizant of the type of oat you’re eating. It’s okay to have instant oatmeal, but do try to mix different types of oats into your diet.


Now, let’s get energized!


5 responses to “Different types of oats

    • I thought it would have been higher up on the unprocessed side as well. I’ve never used oat groats before, so that’s something I’m going to have to try!

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