Top Food Allergens

Food allergies affect as many as 15 million people, and that number is rising. This really doesn’t come as a surprise when everyone is avoiding gluten like it’s the black plague.

Ring around the bakery…

I won’t continue with that.

According to  Food Allergy Research and Education (FARE), there are  8 main food allergens that account for 90% of all food allergies. Can you guess what they are?

Food allergies

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Wheat is one, but it doesn’t make it into the top 5 on the list! I won’t give away any more. Check for yourself to see if you got the eight allergens correct.

With allergens, it can be difficult to know what foods to avoid. FARE provides an awesome list of what foods to avoid for each of the top allergens. It’s definitely worth bookmarking!

And, did you know that food allergies and food sensitivity are two MAJOR different things. I’ll cover that next time.


In the meantime…


Let’s get energized!


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