While I’ve been gone…

Since I’ve been gone

It’s been awhile and I apologize. Last week was finals week for me- I didn’t get much sleep. Plus, my computer died the Monday of finals week. Awesome time to be without a computer…it was a fun week. Ha!

I’ve also been under the weather for literally two weeks. Needless to say, that challenge I posted earlier this month hasn’t been going. At all. When you have stomach problems it’s all you can do to even eat sometimes.

Instead of starting it this week, I’m going to wait to start until Monday. My stomach is coming around, but I don’t want to mess things up.

My plans still include a before and after picture; you can be expecting a picture on Monday!

I also found out I’ll be interning with K2 in Seattle for the summer. I’m thrilled beyond belief! A summer in Seattle? It sounds like a movie! You can expect some awesome posts from me while I’m in Seattle. (And if anyone has any tips or things to do while I’m there, please share!)



photo credit: familyofficesgroup.com

Incredible, edible Egg

Enough about me, I want to talk about eggs!

I recently discovered how amazing hard-boiled eggs are. Don’t judge me- I know what you’re thinking! I went through a phase where I didn’t even like eggs. I’ve gotten over that, so my experience with eggs has been a slow one.

Hard-boiled eggs are a great protein for on-the-go. In fact, eggs in general are very good for you from protein to vitamins to to choline.



photo credit: www.whiskiebusiness.com

The Egg Nutrition Center has a chart that makes it easy to see what you’re getting out of your egg- both the yolk, and the white. It’s definitely worth a look.

I’ll be back to my habitual blogging now. I just hope I get my computer back soon and it’s not going to break me to fix it.

In the mean time, I’ll be eating some eggs 😉

Let’s get energized!



Protein bars

I realize I haven’t posted anything in a week. I was on spring break, and boy did I need a break.

I’m a workaholic, so I forced myself not to do any type of work while I was on vacation. Trust me, it was painful to stay away from writing a blog post, but I dug down deep and survived!

Beautiful sunset on the Gulf Coast of Florida

Beautiful sunset on the Gulf Coast of Florida

I’m back now, though, and I want to make this a short one.

While I was on vacation, I was still reading articles. (Some habits are hard to break.) Before discussing the article, I want to first explain my position on  protein bars.

I’m an avid reader, especially when it comes to food labels. I read food labels like it’s my second job. No matter what I’m eating, buying, etc. I’m looking at the food labels first.

I eat a lot of protein bars and I’ve found that they’re not in fact protein, but “sugar” bars. If looked at closely, there’s more sugar in a bar than there is protein. While I was reading, I found an article that backs up my belief of “sugar” bars.

Nutrition label of Black Cherry Almond Clif Bar photo credit: http://www.clifbarstore.com/detail/CLF+160026

Nutrition label of Black Cherry Almond Clif Bar
photo credit: http://www.clifbarstore.com/detail/CLF+160026

It’s an interesting read and reveals the true makeup of what many believe to be a “healthy” alternative for a meal. The lesson learned: read the food labels on all protein bars and see how much sugar you’re actually eating.


Let’s get informed, and, most importantly… Let’s get energized!


Eggs in the microwave

A while ago I was in the mood for eggs, but I wasn’t in the mood for cooking eggs. I know, I know. You’re thinking it takes 1 minute to cook eggs, and you’re right. I should rephrase myself then. I wasn’t in the mood for washing pans. It just wasn’t in me.

I set out to find a way to have my eggs and eat them too. I’m here to report that I found that way, and I use it constantly.

Before I tell you, because I know the looks my family gives me, don’t judge what I’m about to say until you actually try it. It may just change your life.

For the days when you’re on the go and are craving eggs (I can’t be the only one), meet the microwave. Remember, I said don’t judge.

You can cook an egg in the microwave in 45 second flat, or more depending on how many eggs you’re cooking. For those who are still appalled at what I’m suggesting, I had eggs after an awesome workout yesterday. The proof is in the picture.


Instructions: For one egg

  • crack egg in microwave safe mug, or small bowl
  • add in milk
  • scramble egg
  • microwave 45 seconds uncovered*

*Watch the egg. Eggs cook very fast in the microwave so the time may vary. If you’re cooking more than one egg, more time is needed.

I like to add other various items to my eggs, usually whatever I have on hand in the kitchen. This time I added some avocado and cucumber. It’s my favorite things to add to eggs currently.

Another nice addition to eggs for breakfast is beautifully arranged fruit for those artists out there. I’m not artist, but I had fun with this!


See the other ways to cook eggs in a microwave. What crazy ways have you cooked your eggs before? Give me something to try!

Enjoy those eggs and…

Let’s get energized!