Getting “Fit” with Google

Today is the Google I/O conference. I’m excited because Google should be announcing it’s new app Google Fit.

Google Fit

The app will enable Android users to share health information from the various health and fitness platforms they’ve incorporated into their lives (Nike Fuel Band, etc.).

Apple already announced their health app earlier this year. It’s called Health and looks pretty awesome to tell the truth.

I’m excited to see what Google Fit will look like and do compared with Apple’s Health. I’ve been wanting a Nike Fuel Band (or something) and now I’ll really be wanting something.

This is a great advancement for the health and fitness field. Technology seems to receive negative publicity for numerous things: less social interaction, not staying active, etc.

These apps go to show that technology is a vital aspect for the future of health and fitness.

These apps also may cause me to switch phones!

Let’s get energized!